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Skogheim Christian Trust
First National Bank
A/C: 5348 131 6108
Branch: Shelly Beach (250 062)
Swift Code: FIRNZA JJ 250062


There is a great work still to be done.

Skogheim is a non-profit public benefit organization. We are totally dependent upon generous gifts from ‘Friends of Skogheim’ for all major developments and renovations. Through our Friends the Lord has graciously provided for this ministry for 50 years, and we look to Him for the next 50. We welcome your sowing into our ministry if you believe in the difference that retreats, camps, conferences and training can make to individuals who strive toward maturity in Christ. Training with a biblical foundation is one of the most effective game changers we have in making a difference in individual lives and the communities around us. Would you consider supporting the Lord’s work through this ministry?

You can do so by sending your gift via the options listed on the left: EFT, Zapper or GivenGain. Please be sure to note your intended purpose of the gift. We thank you for your consideration, prayers and support. To Him be all the Glory.

I will provide every good thing you need, to do my will.
— Hebrews 13:20-21.

Thank you for listening to His prompting and for being a blessing to all who spend time with Him here at Skogheim.



+ Painting of Buildings
+ Vista: R60 000
+ Ruth: R70 000
+ Cottages: R40 000
+ Staff Accommodations: R65 000
R105 000 received for Nils, Nest & Viking, now complete

+ Swimming pool & fence upgrade: R55 000
+ New Workshop: R750 000


+ Mattresses: R600 000 (R20 000 received)
+ Bedlinen: R360 000 (R3 000 received)
+ Upgrade of bathroom amenities: R75 000
+ Upgrade of Meeting Hall facilities: conference tables (R30 000), equipment (WnW boards, Data Projector, Flipcharts) (R20 000)


+ Impilo neqiniso – R500 per child for a weekend (R12 000 received)
+ ROPES – Development costs = R50 000, R1000 per youth for 4 days
+ Skills Training – R10 000 per student per 2 month course (computer, hospitality, security)
+ Mukhanyo Bible College Diploma in Theology – R2 800 per student per year


+ Gas stove and oven – R45 000


If you have the skills – we have the place for you to serve. Your gift of time for any length, will make a difference. Contact Ingrid and let us know where and when you would like to volunteer.