Life and Truth

Impilo Neqiniso is Zulu for Life and Truth! Impilo Neqiniso was started in 2010 to fill the gap in practical life skills training in local South African schools. It aims to facilitate important life lessons such as leadership development, values formation, goal setting, interdependence and many other vital life skills. Skogheim uses donated money to sponsor and subsidise learners who would otherwise never get to go on an outdoor experiential learning camp. Programmes are customised to the specific needs of the individual groups attending. Local facilitators are trained and experienced in running camps that are fun, challenging and that allow a deeper level learning experience to occur.

We partner with, support and enhance existing organisations working with youth in the wider rural and township communities. This ensures positive follow up and continual growth through long term mentoring of the youth by their leaders long after they have completed our programme. With an emphasis on Christian values we use the tried and tested method of experiential learning to enhance and cement the learning experiences of the participants. The outdoor, camping environment has proved to be a very effective tool in guiding young people to increase their ability to become significant members of our society. 

It is these custom experiential learning programmes that have now become very popular with sports teams, teaching staff, church leadership, corporate departments and even special needs organisations. Programmes are adapted to suit the times, budgets and objectives of these varied team groups. Capacity building has become an integral part of significant group formation. We aim to do more than simply team building we aim to help groups understand each other as individuals and how to move forward together as a cohesive body.


Training Workshops

  • Leadership Dynamix - Challenging but fun leadership activities that require all the key elements of leadership to achieve

  • Spider Minds - Custom deep thinking topical discussion activities that expose our conditioning biases and help to broaden our thinking

  • Trust Expansion Dynamics - Group activities that increase the trust within a group as the level of activity intensifies

  • Conflict Management - Useful, practical guide to handling everyday conflict situations

  • Outdoor Challenge Activities - Low ropes course, team building structures and seek and you will find amazing race - bring your tekkies!

  • Goal Setting - Step by step guide to setting and affirming life and professional goals

  • Leadership Wheel - Practical workshop that exposes different ways in which people act and react. Ideal for learning to lead and work with people who have conflicting personalities.

  • Group Development - Problem Solving Activities that form the basis of group identity and bonding

  • Get Motivated - Get inspired - An in depth look at how we sell our selves short and have the potential ability to rise above any challenge

the gift of learning

Did you know that you can now partner with Impilo Neqiniso and Skogheim to provide learners with a life-giving opportunity by sponsoring a weekend of programmed activities with us? Learn more at our GivenGain page, or donate now by clicking the button below. 


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