we will gladly host your training event

Whether for a morning or a number of days, we will tailor a package to meet your needs.           You may train using your own materials and courses, while we provide your group with all the accommodation and meals required.  As a value added benefit we include a one hour life-enhancement training for each day you are booked with us. Chose from the following options which will be tailored to effectively compliment your own objectives for your group.



Impilo Neqiniso

Impilo Neqiniso run custom speciality team-building and leadership programmes for special needs groups, adults and sports teams where stated outcomes are always achieved in a fun yet challenging social environment. We offer a range of workshops from leadership activities, to team building, to conflict resolution workshops.

Character First

Skills will only get you so far, without Character you will never truly succeed. This workshop will help your trainees understand how their inward values determine their outward actions. How to make choices and decisions based on a moral compass. There are 49 character traits which can be discussed leading to success in your working, social & family life.  


Financial Freedom

Discover Principles for True Financial Freedom. Are you the Master of Your Money OR does your money Master you? Learn core values to help you make your money work for you. Learn how to be a better steward of your money and to be generous with what you receive.